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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  January 25, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> it will be a good day as temperatures climb well into the 40s. that's the good news. the bad news is we'll have wintry weather that could have impact on the morning commute and the evening commute. depending on how much snow we end up with thursday evening -- wednesday evening, thursday morning school could be delayed. by noon, 42. partly to mostly cloudy skies. winds should be fairly comfortable. there may be a flurry or two still up toward the pennsylvania/maryland border. otherwise, a fairly quiet morning there with some snow showers up in pennsylvania. and your temperatures, a lot warmer than yesterday. we're at 30 degrees here in town with 20s up toward hagerstown. 33 in luray. a nice start to what's going to be a mild day. 6:00 a.m., here's monika and traffic. >> we're starting this one off with a yellow light and a traffic alert for you. if you are traveling in prince george's county on the bw parkway. you want to be aware on the southbound side right here at powder mill road, there is police activity blocking all lanes of the bw parkway. your last chance to exit is going to be powder mill road or
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you want to plan early. you have a couple of options. use route 198 as you head over to 95. your last chance to exit is going to be powder mill road. we'll keep you posted on that situation on the bw parkway. let's head out over to lake rim on the eastbound side of old ridge road at the prince william parkway. car went into the woods at about 4:30 this morning. police are only letting one lane get through. be aware of that in the lake ridge area. we'll zoom in to 66 and take a live look. you've got a bit of volume. otherwise, it is looking good to the beltway. now, a look at your travel times on the outer loop. 95, 270, it is 10 minutes. the beltway, route 4 to the wilson bridge, 9 minutes. i'll update you on the bw parkway next at 6:11. back to you, mike. >> at the top of the hour, let's see what's happening today. some of the stories we're working on. the issue of building a new
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walmart near the wilderness battlefield in virginia goes before a judge now. preservationists say it could harm the civil war site. supporters point out there is already a mcdonald's and hotel on the same area. >> catholic university inaugurates john garvey to become the 15th president of the school in northeast washington. the event begins today at 10:00. the nominations for this year's academy awards will be announced. favorite is the king's speech and the social network. "the early show" will bring them to you live at 8:30. we're hoping to get word the boil water order will be lifted in prince george's county. >> it is affecting a good part of the county after yesterday's water main break in capitol heights. >> surae chinn is there live and it is much drier than it was 24 hours ago, isn't it, surae? >> a much different look. 24 hours later from this water main break and you can see the area, the gravel everywhere where it was all flooded and the water main pipe that broke, a six foot break in that pipe. you can also see some of the
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debris left behind from the nine businesses ruined. we have lynn riggins with the washington suburban sanitary commission who is joining us now to set the stage obviously. crews will be here. let's first start with the water boil advisory. what should people do? what should people know? >> it is a precaution first of all. i want to stress that there's no evidence of contamination in our system but wssc customers south of central avenue are under a boil water advisory. we estimate that to be about 400,000 customers and they need to boil their water until we lift the advisory which is going to be a couple of days. we're going to collect water samples later today. and the water samples take about 18 hours to process. we need two sets of water samples to feel comfortable that there is no contamination in the system. but water for consumption should be boiled for one minute and then cooled then you can use it. >> obviously people need to be patient because you want to make sure the water is safe. >> let's talk about what crews
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will be doing. what can we expect this morning? >> they'll be back out here starting on repairs. they'll cut out the damaged sections of pipe. it could be two or three sections of pipe. they'll put new pipe in and we'll possibly do a full inspection of this pipe or a partial inspection depending on how long we feel comfortable we can leave it out of service. right now, there are no customers affected by this main being down which is good news. >> do we know the cause? we had some 278 water main breaks since january 1. what caused this one? >> hard to say what caused this one. weather could be a contributing factor. the pipe was 40 years old. we'll do a forensic analysis but we won't have any causes in the next few days. >> reporter: thank you, lynn riggins with the wssc. real quick, real quick here on the web page of wssc, a big swath here, you can see in pink, the people who are affected. you can always put your address to make sure -- if are you under that boil advisory. that is the very latest here in prince george's county.
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back to you. >> surae chinn, reporting live in capitol heights, maryland. >> that water main break caused problems for crews battling a house fire nearby. extra water tankers rushed to the blaze on corolla drive in oxon hill, maryland. a man with limited mobility was found dead under debris that fell when the house caved in. his name has not been released. one woman inside the home did survive. investigators are still trying to find out what sparked the blaze. while you slept, prince george's county police were looking for a killer. >> they want to find the gunman behind the 15th homicide in the county this year. >> the shooting happened yesterday on silver hill road in district heights at the pennsylvania station shopping center. a gunman walked up to a man in a car parked outside planet fitness. that gunman fired a shot killing the victim then took off. police have not released the victim's name at this point. also overnight, we've learned about an expected for guilty plea in the murder of brian betts. he was a middle school
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principal killed during a robbery in his home in silver spring last year. court documents show that gray will plead guilty tomorrow in court. he's the moon the right. gray is charged with robbery and weapons possession. four other people have pleaded guilty in the case to various charges. overnight, we learn that two britains and german are among those killed in a bombing at moscow's main airport but so far no word of any americans involved. the attack monday killed 35 people and wounded 110 others. it happened in an international arrivals area before any security checks. the russian government is calling it a terrorist attack but so far, no claims of responsibility. in a statement read by his press secretary, president obama condemned the attack. >> i want to express the solidarity of the american people with the russian people and the aftermath of this premeditated attack against innocent civilians. >> russia has also tightened security at moscow's other airports in response to this attack. >> well, we are about 15 hours
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away from president obama's state of the union address. it is at 9:00 tonight. you can see it right here on channel 9. the main topic is expected to be fiscal responsibility. the president will agree with republicans that cuts are needed. however, he will push for spending to invest in jobs and education. >> and a hero from the tucson shooting will be there tonight. as the first lady's special guest. daniel hernandez who helped save congresswoman gabrielle giffords' life will be sitting with her. dr. peter reed who worked on giffords after the shooting will also be there. after the president's speech, comes the republican response. to be delivered by 7-term congressman ryan of wisconsin. he's also the chair of the house budget committee. you can be sure he will be focusing on spending as well. right now, we're focusing on spending at 6:07. jessica doyle watching your money. >> she's talking about health screenings, free ones. >> when you think free, you
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think too good to be true. these are good and they are truly free. we're talking about free preventive healthcare benefits. as a result of the new healthcare reform law, many insurance plans must now provide certain care screenings without charge of deductibles or copayments. some examples of the payments, testing of blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, mammograms, colonoscopies, flu shots, routine vaccines, well child visits. they get an expanded roster such as annual wellness visits and personalized prevention plans and medicare will no longer charge co-pays or deductibles for the preventive services. but there are a couple of details you need to know about so you don't get handed a bill for your supposedly free services. here are two of the biggies. if you call the doctor's office and you book an appointment for something else and then you tack on the preventive service, you may have to pay extra for the visit to the doctor's office. also, healthcare plans that use a network of providers are only
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required to offer these free preventive services through an innetwork provider. you may have to pay extra if you go out of network. so, this is always the case. before you do anything with your healthcare, check your provider. but definitely ask for the prescreenings. >> anything to do with healthcare, as expensive as it is, free is great. >> especially the vaccinations which we often pay so much for, especially for our kids. >> to prevent something more serious down the line which is truly costly. >> so far so good on metrorail. there were several cracks found on rails yesterday and that meant single tracking and delays on the system. it also meant people waiting on the platform at outdoor stations had to deal with the frigid temperatures. we just checked metro's web site and no delays right now. >> here is a look at what's coming up throughout the next hour of 9news now. >> keep your home energy efficient in winter and all year long. in four minutes, advice from an expert. >> fired for liking the wrong football team? hear from a guy who apparently
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lost his job over wearing a green bay packers tie. >> what? >> up next, howard has our tuesday forecast. your weather first is just 90 seconds away! seven years ago, i had this idea. to make baby food the way moms would. happybaby strives to make the best organic baby food.
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we requested six months of utility bills for the headquarters buildings of more than a dozen agencies. then we asked taxpayers to
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estimate the price of one month in one building. >> $5,000 a month. >> what would you say? the low end is about $200,000 a month. high end, more than a million. >> that's -- >> one month electricity bill at the department of labor topped a million dollars. that was a bill paid in july of last year. the month before, the department paid a bill of nearly $700,000 and utility cost of that magnitude are not unusual. >> that was andrea mccarren reporting there. how can businesses and homeowners save on their energy bills and do the right thing? here to give us some answers, ralph smith, he owns a green building company, smith design construction. he also teaches classes on green living at bethesda green. thanks for joining us, mr. smith. >> thank you. >> so, businesses, we have tons of electrical drawing devices within our tv station and many businesses at home. give us some ideas on how they can save money.
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>> any piece of equipment which is in a sleep mode or has a little green or red l.e.d. light is still drawing energy. >> ok. >> so, this should be turned totally off overnight and definitely on the weekends. >> plug strip? >> plug strip is great. particularly at your home when you have the television and the vkr and your tivo and so far. in office buildings, turn off the lights obviously when you leave. just like at home. turn off the lights. the least expensive thing you can do with dr. chu calls the fruit on the ground is called conservation. turn off the lights, turn down ot thermostats. lower the temperature on your hot water heater. do your clothes in cold water. this sort of thing. just simple -- think about it. you'll save energy. in businesses, one of the largest expenses is computers. racks and racks of servers and so forth. some of that can't be turned off but some of it can. >> are there other things like devices you can add? i notice when we drive in our
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homes, you can have a sensor in your driveway so the light will go on. >> definitely. there are companies that provide all kinds of products which will turn lights on when you come into a room which will activate switches so that you don't have to turn them on and off. which saves energy. >> that helps out a lot. ok, mr. smith, ralph smith of smith design and construction, we appreciate your time this morning. if you would like more information, go to that will give you ways to save money on home and at work and you can see more of andrea mccarren's report on the big electric bills that are being paid at the government buildings and your tax dollars are paying for it. howard, over to you. >> thanks, mike. pretty nice out there relatively speaking. yesterday, we had single digits. your bus stop forecast, temperatures in the low 30s. sun coming up at 7:20. it feels a whole lot better. winds, fairly light range as well. we've got 30 degrees in town.
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35 winchester. 26 hagerstown. 30 frederickburg and 30 in reedville. feeling a lot better. want to go to live doppler 9000 hd, up in northern maryland, the pennsylvania border, we may have a couple of flurries, snow showers reaching the ground here. you have to be like up to emmetsburg toward gettysburg at southern pennsylvania. otherwise, just some clouds throughout this morning. the temperature at reagan national, currently at 30 degrees. as we go back to the weather computer where the winds are south at 5. wind chills, 25. still a lot better than where we've been and the barometer at 30.20. we'll start to see that dropping as low pressure approaches. low pressure in two piece. one of them is coming into texas. see the guy coming west of dallas. the more impressive storm so far is coming out of louisiana to mississippi. with a lot of rain eventually, that rain gets into the colder air. then we're going to have some problems in the form of wintry precip. around here, the forecasting, temperatures are border line. we'll have kind of a mixed bag
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tomorrow. with that first piece of energy in the morning. it looks like the bulk of the rain, the heavy stuff may slide south of us. tomorrow afternoon, evening, that second piece of energy probably going to squeeze out some moisture. here we go. wednesday, 2:00. that's 2:00 tonight. rain down approaching southern maryland. look at this in northern virginia, some pink, some blue. a rain/snow mix. snow here up in the mountains and northern shenandoah valley. you'll notice i-95 west, lots of areas of pink. that's sleet, snow, rain, maybe a little freezing rain with some snow further north and west. as we go through noon, that pink area doesn't move much. southern maryland, fredericksburg down toward northern neck, route 17, richmond looks like rain. then by afternoon, evening, that's when the cold air starts to move in. at 3:30, we're still probably just above freezing by a few degrees downtown. north and west, montgomery, frederick, loudoun county, you're dealing with some frozen precip. of course in the shenandoah
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valley. things are starting to switch over. by evening, we're snowing through 10:00, 11:00. then this pulls out overnight. we could be talking about a few inches of snow. this is my first call. i may change it later but right now, the white area, one to three. locally, five or six even in the areas north and west. frederick out toward leesburg, winchester, martinsburg. we'll have to watch the areas. you'll see a lot more in the way of frozen precip. 35 tomorrow with a mess. 39 on thursday. friday, some flurries and a drier, milder weekend. monika? >> we're starting off with the yellow light this time around, and a traffic alert for you if you travel in prince george's county. there is police activity. we'll go straight to the maps. southbound bw parkway is closed here at powder mill road with that police activity. you'll be forced to exit at powder mill. you can go ahead and take that to route one or 95. get off early on the bw parkway at route 198.
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and now there is a problem on the beltway. right here on the inner loop just past the bw parkway where there is fire activity along the left side. again, we'll keep you posted on that as well. let's take you over to the other side of town on 270 on the southbound side where you've just got volume from this point at father hurley boulevard. it is going to be down toward montrose road. the lanes are open. no incidents to report there. let's go to some good news in virginia where the accident i've been telling you about in lake ridge has been cleared at old bridge road at prince william parkway. it is slow from prince william parkway past this point at route one as you head toward lorton. again from newington to springfield with the lanes open. a look at your travel times inbound 66, 7100 to the beltway, 16 minutes. beltway, 395 to the toll road. 14 and 95. 216 to the tollway. i'll update you at 6:25. back to you guys. ahead, washington versus new york.
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the capitals host the rangers while the wizards visit the knicks. >> coming up, we'll let you know who wants to cut a few laps off some of the races for nascar.
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6:24 on this tuesday morning. a lot milder right now than yesterday morning. 20, 25 degrees warmer in spots. we're going to have a much milder day before a mess, a real mess could be here by tomorrow. let's get you going though. today, no problems. we're in the 20s and 30s right now. 34 at 9:00. partly to mostly cloudy today. noon, 42. look at the winds, variable and light. less than 5 miles per hour. by 5:00, 44. mike and andrea? >> thank you, howard. in sports, one night, four teams, two cities. >> washington versus new york. >> last night in the capital city versus the big apple, we didn't do too well.
6:25 am
let's start on the ice. capitals hosting the rangers. this one went to a shoot-out. in round four, new york's artem gets one past braden. caps lose it 2-1 but at least they pick up a point. >> wizards were up visiting the new york knicks. the whiz on the road. amarry stoudamire scored 30 for the knicks. wizards lose. they're perfect 0-21 on the road. however, five players did score in double digits. >> there is a call this morning for nascar races to be shorter. get this. it comes from the head of fox sport. the races need to fit into a three hour broadcast. let's see that happen. he said it is time to cut a few laps to make it happen. not expecting nascar to agree with this though. >> they're gearing up for a grand prix in baltimore. race car took a test drive on monday. the grand prix will go through inner harbor area labor day weekend and the city is hoping
6:26 am
the race will provide an economic boost. >> wow. beautiful. 6:25. still ahead this morning, your take on the plan for lawmakers of different party. some accept their seating arrange a.m.s at tonight's state of the union. >> isn't that sweet. >> tracking your tax refund. a new way you can keep tabs on uncle sam. >> right now, monika is keeping tabs on our morning commute. >> thanks, andrea. >> police investigation continues to block the bw parkway southbound here at powder mill road. take route one or 95 as your alternate. i'll keep you posted on this situation and other incidents to avoid in my next report. had.
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we're back at 6:30 every morning. this is where you get your weather first. here is a live look outside at fairfax, virginia at routes 29 and 50. 29 degrees right now. >> thank you for starting your tuesday with us. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. howard bernstein on the weather terrace. he's live with your forecast. howard, over to you. >> thanks, mike. a comfortable morning. temperatures now in the upper 20s to low 30s. we're going well into the 40s. the problems are late tonight, tomorrow. when a wintry mess heads this way. your day planner for you on this tuesday, calling for partly to mostly cloudy skies. we're 30 right now. 34 by 9:00. 42 at noon. we top off and by 5:00, we're
6:31 am
back down to 44 degrees. see the temperatures, look at this. 35 already in winchester. 31 in southern maryland. we're at 30 in hagerstown is in the 20s. we've had clouds moving across the region. even a few snow showers occupy toward the maryland pennsylvania border. flurries with that. that will pass fairly quickly. expecting a dry day. i want to tell you that off to our southwest and our northeast, we're already looking at winter storm watches. nothing issued out of the national weather service off of sterling for tomorrow. but it is something you're going to have to pay attention to. we'll talk much more about tomorrow's wintry mess. right now, monika samtani is here with timesaver traffic. >> another very busy morning in prince george's county. unfortunately. we're going to take you over to a map of the bw parkway on the southbound side. we've been telling you since early this morning about police activity blocking the bw parkway at powder mill road. you've got now about an 11 mile back-up from route 32 all the way down toward powder mill road where again, you can go no
6:32 am
further. you'll be forced to exit there. you really want to plan early. get off at route 32, route 198. take root one and 95 as your alternate. you're going to find 95 heavier than normal on the southbound side. i'll keep you posted on that. there is a second situation right here on the inner loop of the beltway at the bw parkway. fire activity along the left side of the road. so, busy in prince george's county. let's take you over to a live look of the outer loop north of town, you've got volume right now from new hampshire avenue as you head around to georgia avenue with the lanes open. let's go to virginia on the inbound side of i-66. about 16 minutes from route 50 heading to the beltway ax live look at 395, it is now heavy from the beltway as you head toward seminary road into the 14th street bridge. about a 15 minute ride there. if you're traveling by train, good news for you. everything is running on time. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. >> even 24 hours later, the images are amazing. construction from the water main break in capitol heights,
6:33 am
maryland. >> the water has been shut off and most has drained away but in its wake, a huge mess! as well as a boil water alert which is affecting hundreds of thousands of people. >> surae chinn is live back on the scene this morning. she has the latest. good morning. >> good morning. a six foot hole was found in this pipe. that's taller than my height, larger than the women of the actual water main. the water pressure tore this parking lot into shreds like pieces like this like a jigsaw puzzle. the pipe is right behind me beyond that orange lining there and some of the crew members will be gearing up soon. some arrive just moments ago. and they'll start working on the broken pipe. also, the debris, piles of debris are left here. a 54 inch water main break broke around 4:00 yesterday morning as we reported. and dumped 50 million gallons of water all over 495 and back at the epicenter it flipped cars over and damaged at least
6:34 am
nine businesses. 400,000 customers are now affected. a boil advisory now in affect in a large portion of prince george's county. you want to boil your water for drinking, making ice, washing dishes, brushing your teeth, food preparations and for your pets. >> boil water advisory is in effect until otherwise stated by wssc so for the next couple of days, customers in prince george's county, south of central avenue should be prepared to boil any water that they're going to use for consumption. and we will be collecting water samples later today. the first set. but we do collect several sets to ensure the safety of the water in our system. so, once we collect those water samples, they'll incubate for 18 hours. >> make sure you bring the water to a rolling boil for one minute on a side note, prince george's county schools, a image or the will be handing out bottled film water.
6:35 am
all water fountains will be shut down. >> well, after that, we suppose things could always be worse. take a look at this. this video is from new york city. there was a water main break in manhattan overnight monday with the 5 degree weather, this is what happened! windows on at least one car were shattered when the heat and the cold collided. crews used steam to get the cars out. that car was totally encrusted in ice. one man is behind bars and police are expecting to make more arrests in the murder of a single mother from the district. charging documents say that 23- year-old brian gaither confessed to the role in the death of latisha frazier. he said he put the woman in a choke hold then stuffed her body in a dumpster after he found her dead two days later. five months after her death, frazier's body has not been found. >> she was a mom. her daughter looks for her.
6:36 am
looks for her to come home. she's not ever coming home again. >> the witness told police three girls attacked the victim inside a home on trenton place southeast back in august. so far, they have not been charged. the group, advocates for highway and auto safety, is out with its grades for our region. every year, this group gives each state a score for its teen, drunk and distracted driving laws. on a scale of 15 points, the district ranked highest in the nation. it got 13 and a half points. maryland wasn't far behind with 11 and a half. but virginia, one of the worst at just 6 points. the group says the commonwealth is missing what it calls some basic safety laws and it says many states like virginia aren't getting better. >> the bad news is that only 13 states took successful action last year to close these many gaps. passing a total of only 22 laws nationwide. a decrease from last year.
6:37 am
>> the report highlighted the district's booster seat law as one of the best from the district, as one of the best in the nation. >> jessica is back with another your money report. >> she says our money is nothing compared to the cash the airlines are making now. >> absolutely. we know why. it is not your imagination. plane tickets are going sky high! the airlines are making a lot of money as a result. after a decade of multibillion dollar losses, the airlines appear to be on a course to prosper for years to come. by grounding planes and eliminating flights, airlines have cut costs and pushed fares higher. travel demand is rising and planes are as full as they've been in years. the eight largest u.s. airlines are forecast to earn more than $5 billion this year and $5.6 billion next year. it is a pretty good time to buy a car and here's why. interest rates on auto loans are at their lowest level in 20 years. bank said the interest rate on a four-year loan for a
6:38 am
new car averaged 6.21% in the last week and some lenders are offering 2.99% right now. >> want to track your federal income tax refund? there is an app for that. the free app is called i.r.s. to go and that's with a number two. it allows taxpayers to track tax refunds and even get tips from uncle sam. and speaking of tax tips, tax tip thursday is coming back. if you have a question about filling out your forms, we're getting you free answers from the experts. e-mail your questions to me. i'm going to bring you response on the air and on my blog. i've been checking out the app. pretty cool stuff. there is not a ton you can do on here. basically check your refund status. but it is going to be pretty easy way to do it. >> you've got it. >> way to go. >> cool. >> a flight tracker for your refund. >> pretty neat. >> all right. get this. green bay packers tie, apparently cost a chicago area
6:39 am
car salesman his job. johnstone comes to work, wears a green bay packers after the win on sunday. >> stone says he wasn't gloating. he wore the tie to honor his grandmother who taught him to love the team but his boss didn't see it that way. >> middle of the showroom floor says take your tie off or you're fired. i'm like oh, i'm sorry. jerry, i can zip it up. no, you're fired. get out. >> officials for the dealership claim they were concerned the tie would offend customers. stone was just hired by a competing car dealership. >> i'll bet he was. >> 30 degrees right now. we're on our way to a high of 47. sounds good, right? >> howard has the details coming up next. >> here is a live look at traffic on 270 in germtown at 118. you can see the usual slowdown on the southbound side. monika is next with timesaver traffic in just seven minutes. >> here is a look at what you'll see tonight right here on channel 9.
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weather first, time to exercise outside and enjoy it because the times, they're are a changing. >> i think it is golfable this afternoon. with temps in the mid-40s, light winds. >> every golfer loves that. >> it is definitely golfable this afternoon. >> tomorrow, not golfable at all. tomorrow, some problems trying to figure out exactly how much snow may fall on the back side of this because the timing, the intensity, the track, it all comes together. aim egoing to show. > you a map. a look at your a wintry mess expected for wednesday. for tuesday though, partly to mostly cloudy. not nearly as cold as yesterday
6:45 am
morning. we're in the 20s and low 30s sunrise, 7:20. sunset at 5:21. you can see the arctic chill is pretty much gone. it is way up in maine now. providence is 16. we've got 28 in cumberland. charlottesville is 29. ocean city, 32. in and around the region, we again, upper 20s to low 30s. we do see 26 in hagerstown. we've got 30 down in fled ricksburg. 28 across the bay. wind chill, 25. that's not bad. light south wind at 5 miles per hour. the dew points are in the low 20s. what we're watching are two piece of energy. one of them, you can follow this guy through texas. just coming in at west side of dallas metroplex. the bigger storm affecting the south. the classic comma coming across mississippi and alabama. one piece of energy separate passing off to the north this morning. you see some echoes here on the radar. it doesn't look like any of that is reaching the ground. the funeral cast tells the story. we have clouds at times.
6:46 am
peeks of sunshine. 7:30 tonight, we're still looking dry. we'll move the moisture up north here overnight. 1:45, we've stopped it. pinks starting to show up. maryland, you're ok except for southern maryland. these pinks, that's a rain/snow mix. sleet, maybe a little freezing rain mixed in. shenandoah valley, you stay in the pink. i-95 west to 81, lots of areas of snow or rain mix with the snow through midday staying in the mountains. what's going to happen in the afternoon is the colder air is going to start to work its way east. by 3:30, while we're looking at rain, the snow comes out of the shenandoah valley, spreads over the region. late tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening, we'll get a burst of snow which would accumulate to is several inches. right now, i'm thinking a general one to three, the i-95 corridor, three to six north and west as you head into frederick county. northern fauquier and out toward the i-81 corridor.
6:47 am
but things are a little colder. we may have to up the numbers. stay tuned. 47 today. 35 tomorrow. with that mix of snow late. thursday, 39. then a couple of firsts possible friday. monika? >> i'm just feeling for you. if you travel in prince george's county, you have the situation on the beltway yesterday. now, you have the bw parkway today. let's take you over to a map since about 5:30 this morning, police blocked off the bw parkway here at powder mill road. you're looking live from the sky 9 and on the bw parkway, you can see traffic is forced to exit at powder mill road because of that police investigation. you've got a nine to ten mile back-up from route 32 heading south. since you're sitting at home watching us right now and heading out the door, you want to plan early. get off at route 32, use 95 or route 1 as your alternate route. those will be a little heavier than normal because of the situation. but as you can see live here, that's not something you want to sit in this morning. i'll keep you posted on that
6:48 am
situation of course. let's take you over to a map on the beltway, right here on the inner loop at kenilworth avenue, an accident on the right shoulder. over to the district, just volume on the inbound side of new york avenue from the times building to bladensburg road, a live look in virginia on the northbound side. just volume. no incidents to worry about. northbound on i-95 as you head up from the prince william parkway to lorton and newington to springfield. now travel times. inbound 66 is 18 minutes. beltway, 395, 15 minutes. beltway, 95 to 270 is 18 minutes. i'll update you next. back to you. >> thank you, monika. >> tonight, president obama delivers his second state of the union address. >> he'll go up to capitol hill 9:00 tonight. the focus will be economy and spending. >> this is video from last year's speech. tonight, the president is expected to call for new investments in education, green energy and transportation. however, he will also call for cutting spending in other
6:49 am
areas, the white house hopes to do that with cooperation from republicans. >> we're not going to have a debate in washington about whether we need to make some changes and whether we need to control our spending. we're going to have hopefully a bipartisan discussion and work together on how we go about doing that. >> expect a similar economic mem in the republican response. it will be delivered by wisconsin congressman paul ryan. he's the chairman of the house budget committee. >> this year, there will be several republicans and democrats crossing the aisle. they'll mingle instead of sitting on one party on one side, the other party on the other side. >> the goal apparently is to increase civility and encourage bipartisanship. you have been commenting on our facebook page all morning and i apparently you guys are a lot of cynics. bipartisan is irrelevant for a tv photo op. i doubt there will be any
6:50 am
bipartisanship when it actually counts. >> they think it is just plain dumb. >> while david jokes you think civility is a real issue and you think a seating arrangement is going to change anything? if you do, see me for some waterfront property in arizona. >> cheryl, the optimist writing here's hoping they learn to play nice. it is about time. leave your comments at we love hearing from you. >> that was a lot of fun. 6:50. 30 degrees in northwest washington. >> a check on the news before you go is up next.
6:51 am
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6:54 am
a much milder morning than yesterday. mostly cloudy, 31. we'll see a little sun at times. today, 34 at 9:00. 42 at noon. topping off with a drive home temp of 44. mike? >> wow that, sounds great. thank you, howard. thanks for joining us tuesday, january 22nd. here is a check of the news before you go this morning. >> work goes on this morning to repair monday's water main break. the big one in capitol heights, maryland from yesterday. about 400,000 people in prince george's county are still under a boil water alert this morning. no word yet on when that will be lifted. >> prince george's county is settling a lawsuit with berwyn heights mayor. his two dogs were killed during a mistaken s.w.a.t. team raid at his home. the settlement includes reforms
6:55 am
to the county's s.w.a.t. team policy. it is official. republican george allen is running to win back his old senate seat. he's hope for a rematch against jim webb next year but allen could face a primary fight from fellow republicans jamie radke and bob marshall. it is 6:55. up next, monika tells us about the southbound bw parkway closed right now at powder mill road. >> plus, howard has the seven- day forecast. we have 27 degrees in laurel. 28 in haymarket and 26 in waldorf. keep it here. oñoñororor
6:56 am
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looking real good today. mid to upper 40s. partly to mostly cloudy. a wintry mix in the morning. maybe some slick spots then we turn to snow in the afternoon and evening with possibly one to three by the time is done. monika? >> a live look from sky 9, the bw parkway has been closed at powder mill road. the back-up begins at route 32. take 95 or route one as your alternate. >> jess, over to you. >> wall street is looking lower this morning but we've got a couple of economic reports so we'll see how that goes. >> "the early show" has a preview of tonight's state of the union. they'll be talking with white house senior adviser valerie jarrett and arizona republican senator john mccain. >> our next newscast is at noon. i'll update tomorrow's forecast. until then, you get your news, weather and traffic at >> we hope you join us tomorrow morning at 4:25. we start early. have a great day, everybody.


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